If you purchased a “small” size Stella Artois beer served in a Stella Artois chalice from a Red Robin restaurant, you could get a payment from a class action settlement.


Important Dates

Opt Out Deadline
Objection Deadline
Fairness Hearing
Claim Deadline

A Settlement has been preliminarily approved in a class action lawsuit pending in the District Court for Clark County, Nevada captioned Bruun v. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc., Case No. A-20-814178-C (the “Action”). 

If you purchased a “small” size Stella Artois beer at a Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews restaurant between June 25, 2017 and July 21, 2022, your rights may be affected by a class action settlement.

  • Your rights may be affected whether you act or not. Read the notice carefully.
OPT OUT If you opt out of the Settlement, you will not receive any payment under the Settlement. Opting out is the only option that allows you to ever bring or maintain your own lawsuit or claim against Red Robin regarding your purchase of a “small” Stella Artois beer at a Red Robin restaurant, or participate as a class member in a different class action against Red Robin in a lawsuit regarding the purchase of Stella Artois beer at a Red Robin restaurant, including lawsuits or claims arising under federal law.

Deadline: October 7, 2022
OBJECT You may write to the parties’ attorneys and the court about why you object to the Settlement and think it should not be approved. Submitting an objection does not opt you out of the Settlement, so if you do not opt out and if the Settlement receives final approval from the Court, you may still receive a payment from Red Robin if you submitted a timely and valid Claim Form, and you will still release any claims that are or could be asserted by you or on your behalf against Red Robin regarding the purchase of Stella Artois beer.

Deadline: October 7, 2022
GO TO THE “FAIRNESS HEARING” The Court will hold a “Fairness Hearing” to consider the Settlement, the request for attorneys’ fees and costs of the lawyers who brought the Action, and the request for a service award for the Representative Plaintiff who brought the Action.

You (either you personally or through a lawyer that you hire) may, but are not required to, speak at the Fairness Hearing about any Objection you submitted regarding the Settlement. If you intend to speak at the Fairness Hearing, you must indicate your intent to do so in your Objection.

Hearing Date: November 8, 2022
CLAIM FORM The Claim Form is included in this Settlement Website and available from the Settlement Administrator. To receive a payment, you must submit a valid Claim Form, here, or mail a completed Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator. Your Claim Form must be submitted electronically or postmarked on or before December 23, 2022.

Deadline: December 23, 2022
DO NOTHING You will give up your right to object to the Settlement and you will not be able to be part of any other lawsuit about the legal claims in this case, including lawsuits regarding the purchase of “small” Stella Artois beers at Red Robin restaurants.
  • These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained in more detail below.
  • The Court in charge of the Action has preliminarily approved the Settlement and must decide whether to give final approval to the Settlement. The relief provided to Settlement Class Members will be provided only if the Court gives final approval to the Settlement and, if there are any appeals, after the appeals are resolved in favor of the Settlement. Please be patient.